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Thematic Concerns in the Novels of R. K. Narayan


  • Book Type: E-Book & Paperback
  • Categories: English Literature
  • ISBN: 978-93-86369-66-6
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 158
  • Published Date: 12-JAN-2019
  • Publisher: Horizon Books
  • Size: 7 X 9

The book is basically athematic study of R.K. Nrayans novels and a reference to his short stories has been made only in passing. The major themes that emerge from Narayans novels are love and marriage or man woman relationship family relationships under scoring the father son relationship socio cultural and political scene of the country during the last fifty years and the Hindu ethos highlighting renunciations as an ideal of the Hindu way of life. For the first time the major themes of Narayans novels have been clearly worked out and the identity of Malgudi has been convincingly established by the author.

Dr. Nawkhare Nitin Ramchandra

The author is a well known figure in the teaching of English Literature and language.He is working as the HOD at the Nagpur University affiliated degree college.He has many national and international research papers to his credit due to his aptitude in Literature.He is a consistent scholar of English Literature and modern communication skills and soft skills etc.He works as a guide to UPSC aspirants in the area of english language and literature.

Author Name

Navkhare Nitin Ramchandra

Book Type

E-Book & Paperback


English Literature






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7 X 9


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