Transition from Thesis to book & Publish it with ISBN M

From PhD to Book
If you have finished your PhD you are probably thinking of turning your dissertation into a book. Your PhD thesis usually becomes your first monograph and helps you to start building a reputation in the academic world. Working on your first book is something that you may want to do during a post-doc fellowship. Turning your doctoral thesis into a publishable book will require some adjustments and adaptation of the content and style. Transforming your dissertation into a publishable book can be a daunting task. While your book will reflect the same themes and arguments as your dissertation, major revisions are necessary to ensure that your manuscript is readable, compelling, and accessible to a wider audience than your dissertation committee. Horizonbooks can help you turn your rigid scholarly text into captivating prose that is not only publishable, but can be shared with and enjoyed by your colleagues, friends, and family. We welcome you to contact us to discuss transforming your dissertation into a book.


The Main Differences between a PhD and a Book


Fulfils an academic requirement
Fulfils a desire to speak broadly
Audience: one’s dissertation committee
Audience: thousands of people you don’t know
Dependent on quotations, often in blocks
Quotes others judiciously
Hides the authorial voice
Creates and sustain an authorial voice
Structure demonstrates analytical skills
Structure demonstrates the through line
Examples are numerous, repetitive
Examples are well-chosen and move the story forward
Few, long chapters
Several chapters of readable length