We are Publisher
We are Publisher
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Welcome To Horizon-Books

The company aims to make publishing accessible to all by leveraging technology.

Self-Publish Your Book

Publish your work through Horizon Books, and get it in front of readers. Through this supported self-publishing imprint, aspiring authors like you now have access to the services you need to reach your publishing goals.

When you self-publish with Horizon Books, you enjoy all these benefits:

Professional editing services will leave you feeling confident your book delivers an impeccably lucid story that your readers will find a pleasure to read
Availability of your book in e-book format
Support from a team of publishing professionals
Online distribution—your book will be listed in and sold through various book retailers on the Internet

Academic Research Publication Services

Convert Thesis Into Book
Seminar-Conference proceedings Publication
Publish your Print journal with Us

Horizon-Books Services

We all know that people do judge books by their covers An eye-catching design can turn a casual reader into your next big fan Complete book browsers to pick up your book with an attention-grabbing cover
Editorial Services
Horizonbooks.asia’s professional editing services will leave you feeling confident your book delivers an impeccably lucid story that your readers will find a pleasure to read.
Through Horizonbooks.asia digital and print-on-demand (POD) technology, we offer you both traditional and revolutionary book formats of the highest possible quality.    
Interior Illustration
Illustrations can be created in a variety of mediums. For “Personal Touch” and “Fine Detail,” art is drawn by hand and colouring is done digitally. For “Intricate Design,” art is drawn by hand and colouring is done either digitally or by hand in one of the following mediums: Ink, graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil, or watercolour.
ISBN is mandatory for authors to get API score benefit and to get your book indexed in international as well as National Indexes. We will provide an ISBN for your title.
Online Marketing Services
HB’s dynamic range of marketing campaigns and platforms will help you create a strategic book promotion that targets both local and international readers.

Other Authors Are Saying

I continue to be very pleased with my experience in publishing with Horizon Books. Congratulations on your fine service.
Best! -Dr.Akash
Horizon Books has been amazing to work with I am just starting my second book with them. Thank you.
Amazing! -Dr. Manoj Kumar Gendley
I would not hesitate to recommend horizon books to anyone else considering self-publishing. From my initial contact to present, everyone has been great to interact with.
Thank You! -Dr. Himanshu Parmar
I am totally happy and feel so accomplished and proud now but definitely could not have completed this without Horizon Books author assistants.… All of the people that assisted me were professional and always got back to me and followed through. A truly great experience.Dr. Sarika
Thank You! -Dr. Sarika
I have been very impressed with the service of Horizon Books publishers. The staff is extremely efficient and courteous. Any issues I have had have been dealt with quickly and although publishing a book can be an extremely stressful time, they made the process easy.
Yeah! -Dr.LalKhawngaiha
I want to thank you and the entire Horizon Books Team of professionals that was responsible for my books success and for making one of my life-long ambitions a reality of becoming a Published Author
You are Amazing! -Dr. Louis Hauhnar

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