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We all know that people do judge books by their covers. An eye-catching design can turn a casual reader into your next big fan.


Cover Revisions (Images/Design) (Rs. 2000) :-


This service allows Horizon Books authors to make image and design changes to their book cover’s layout. Any changes to the text on your book’s cover are not included in this service.


Any changes to imagery and design elements on the cover layout are considered revisions on images and design. Here are just a few of the many revisions that can be done:
  • Touch-up photographs
  • Blend several images together
  • Remove components of an image
  • Combine elements from several different images into one scene
  • Changing/manipulating skin colour, eye colour, scene colour, etc.
  • Red-eye reduction

Custom Cover (Rs. 4000) :-


Complete book browsers to pick up your book with an intriguing, attention-grabbing cover.


You can work with the Horizon Books design team to create a book cover that is attractive, and captivating. You may incorporate your photos, sketches, graphic artwork, and ideas to come up with a cover that best represents you and your book.


The Ultimate Customization (Starting at Rs. 6000) :-


Horizon Books design team do whatever it takes to get that perfect cover design, e.g. Paid stock photos, Custom Illustrations and photos, Hand drawn paintings!



Through digital and print-on-demand (POD) technology, we offer you both traditional and revolutionary book formats of the highest possible quality.


Electronic Formats :-


Every Partridge India book is available in digital or electronic format. They are compatible with different e-reading devices and can be downloaded from various online bookstores, such as Google and Amazon book search programmes.


Print Formats :- converts all manuscripts submitted through our different Publishing Packages into trade paperback format. Then, through digital print-on-demand (POD) technology, we print them on high-quality, acid-free, book-grade opaque paper stock.


Pricing :-


Formatting charges for English manuscripts start at Rs.25 per formatted page (minimum Rs.1000/-). The manuscript should primarily be text but can include upto 5 images. Additional images are charged at Rs.30 per image.

Manuscript with several tables, images or equations cost more. Please send us a sample of your manuscript to get a quote. Charges for Indian language manuscript start at Rs.30 per formatted page.

Manuscript to be submitted for formatting :-


Before submitting the manuscript for formatting, please ensure that the content is absolutely final. Any changes made later would be charged extra depending on amount of effort needed. Ensure that everything that needs to get into the interior of the book, including any preface, foreword, dedication page, references are present in the book. Any images used in the book need to be provided separately in high resolution.


Editorial Services :-’s professional editing services will leave you feeling confident your book delivers an impeccably lucid story that your readers will find a pleasure to read.

Actual work involved in editing may vary depending on the state of the manuscript submitted and also on how much editorial intervention you want in your manuscript as a self publisher. We provide two types of editing services.


Substantive Language Editing :-

This is the most popular level of editing with our authors. The scope of “Substantive Language Editing” includes sentence rewriting, word replacement etc. for improving the readability or impact, apart from taking care of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes,
punctuations etc.


Proofreading :-

Proofreading is suitable for those manuscripts that have already gone through at least one round of editing. This round takes care of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes that might have been overlooked in the first round of editing.


The charges for editing vary depending on the genre and quality of manuscript submitted. Once the manuscript is ready from your side, you can contact us to get a quote.



ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book.

ISBN is mandatory for authors to get API score benefit and to get your book indexed in international as well as National Indexes. We will provide an ISBN for your title.


Online Marketing Services :-

HB’s dynamic range of marketing campaigns and platforms will help you create a strategic book promotion that targets both local and international readers.

Extended Online Distribution :-


Current Partners
Makes your book available through multiple online stores apart from
  • Filpkart
  • ebay


Advantages of Extended Online Distribution :-


Availability of the book through more channels Benefit from Discounts and Free shipping provided by these stores Readers are already comfortable transacting on these sites We continue to add more partners to expand the reach of your book even further We maintain a small inventory of the books so that the logistic costs are minimized and do not need to be added to the book price.


Pricing and royalty for pre-printed books :-

MRP of the Book is set

  • With Sale on Profit = MRP – Production Cost, which is split 50:50 between and Author(It remains the same as earlier)
  • With Sale on Partner Site: Profit = MRP – Partner’s Share – Production, which is split 20:80 with and Author(80 to the Author)
Due to retailer margin, minimum price will go up Estimate minimum MRP and royalty.
Note: If the book is publishing for first time and you are availing editing, ISBN, designing and formatting services, that will be charged exclusively.


Is ISBN required for the book to go into distribution?


It is strongly recommended that you get an ISBN for your book before opting for this service. Getting an ISBN from Indian ISBN agency is free and the process is outlined here –


For any queries, please send an e-mail to


Interior Illustration :-


Horizon Books team of studio artists will produce artwork designed to accentuate your words.

Illustrations can be created in a variety of mediums. For “Personal Touch” and “Fine Detail,” art is drawn by hand and colouring is done digitally. For “Intricate Design,” art is drawn by hand and colouring is done either digitally or by hand in one of the following mediums: Ink, graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil, or watercolour.


Post Publishing Support :-

Through digital and print-on-demand (POD) technology, we offer you both traditional and revolutionary book formats of the highest possible quality.


Author Dashboard :-


Author Dashboard is a place where authors can access all the relevant information related to their published Books. This is the place to track the sales of their books and earnings accrued. And also to enter information related to earning remittance, marketing options etc. Author Dashboard can be accessed by logging in to your Horizon Books account.

Track your Book sales & Get Paid :-


When a book is sold (paid for and shipped) on, the author’s earning gets added to the balance in author’s account. This can be tracked on the Author Dashboard.

Following options are available for receiving author earnings:

  • Direct Bank Transfer (For Indian Authors): You need to enter your bank account details along with NEFT code in your “Remittance Information”
  • Paypal (For non-Indian Authors): You need to have/create a paypal account and enter the e-mail id associated with it in your “Remittance Information”. This method is available only if your Paypal account is not Indian. RBI regulations and Paypal policies do not allow transfer an Indian merchant to make transfer to other Indian paypal accounts. All royalties remitted through paypal will be considered as payment to non-Indian authors and will be subject to TDS deduction accordingly.
Offer Special Price to Your Family/ Friends:-


You can order the book yourself at Author’s price and ship it to your friends/family. Any other special price is currently not available.