Impact of Technology on Goods, Services, and Business Transactions / Building the E-Service Society

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Published Date 21-JULY-2023
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In “Building the E-Service Society,” the reader is taken on an enlightening journey through the profound impact of technology on the modern economy. This captivating book explores how the digital revolution has ushered in an era where goods, services, and business transactions are increasingly conducted through electronic means, shaping the foundation of what is now known as the e-service society.

The authors delve into the fascinating world of digitalization, revealing how traditional goods have evolved into their digital counterparts, such as e-books, digital music, and streaming services, and how these innovations have revolutionized the way we consume and exchange products. From the rise of e-commerce platforms to the transformative effect of automation, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how technology has shaped the landscape of modern trade and commerce.

Moreover, “Building the E-Service Society” examines how the shift towards a digitally-driven economy has propelled globalization, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting businesses and consumers worldwide. The authors emphasize how businesses have harnessed the power of data analytics to personalize their offerings, creating tailored customer experiences that foster loyalty and engagement.

While the advantages of the e-service society are indisputable, this book also addresses critical issues surrounding data security and privacy concerns. The authors delve into the measures required to safeguard sensitive information and maintain trust in the digital age.

Beyond the realm of commerce, the book discusses the societal implications of technology-driven changes in the workforce. It explores the impact of automation on job roles and the importance of upskilling and reskilling initiatives to ensure a competent and adaptive workforce.

“Building the E-Service Society” serves as a roadmap for policymakers, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to navigate the evolving digital landscape successfully. Through insightful analysis and real-world case studies, the book offers practical strategies to capitalize on the transformative power of technology while fostering an inclusive and sustainable e-service society.

In conclusion, this compelling book provides a comprehensive exploration of the impact of technology on goods, services, and business transactions, painting a vivid picture of the e-service society and its potential for positive change. As the digital revolution continues to shape the future of the global economy, “Building the E-Service Society” is an indispensable guide to understanding and thriving in this dynamic, technology-driven era.






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Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor (Marketing & Sales)

Member (Departmental Research Committee)

Member (R & D Cell)

Program Leader (MBA M&S, Class of 2021)

Associate Editor: Amity Business Review, Amity Business School, Amity University, Sector-125, Noida-201301

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