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Security Against Cyber-Crime: Prevention and Detect


  • Author Name: Dr. Madhu Tyagi
  • Book Type: E-Book & Paperback
  • Categories: Mystery & Crime
  • ISBN: 978-93-86369-36-9
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 216
  • Published Date: 01-MAR-2017
  • Publisher: Horizon Books
  • Size: 7.17 X 10.12

In our daily life, economic activities, and national security highly depend on stability, safely, and resilient cyberspace. A network brings communications and transports, power to our homes, runour economy, and provide government with various services. However it is through the same cyber networks which intrude and attack our privacy, economy, social life in a way whichis harmful. Some scholars have interestingly argued that, “in the Internet nobody knows you are a dog”. This raises some legal issues and concerns. This book presents important issues on the Security, Prevention, and Detection of Cyber Crime.

As the ancient  philosophers said, every new development also has the seed of an opposite development. In these modem times, this saying may easily be applied to security and privacy. The opportunities arising from digitalization have not yet been exhausted. Think about biometrics, quantum computers and virtual reality. However, these new technologies also introduce new vulnerabilities like network risks, loss of privacy, and ultimately the decline of trust in the digital society. We see that too many organizations and individuals are just focusing on the opportunities and neglect to see the vulnerabilities.

The awareness of how organizations deal with personal data is very low among Dutch citizens. To protect them against this lack of awareness, the government has implemented stricter legislation and regulations.

Dr. Madhu Tyagi, author of this book is the Associate Professor and HOD of Sociology in B.S.A college, Mathura. A PhD holder and a great sight to work with, she has an experience of around twenty five years in teaching UG and PG classes. Not only interested in the curriculum of the subject, she motivates herself to reinvent ways in making education a new experience. She has been an active participant in various national and international seminars and conferences. She is also a proud guide to many PhD candidates. A member of prestigious bodies like BOS and RDC, she believes in bringing change in the tone of education. A perfect woman, exemplifying women empowerment, she is definitely an academician to look out for.

Author Name

Dr. Madhu Tyagi

Book Type

E-Book & Paperback


Mystery & Crime






Published Date




7.17 X 10.12


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