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Writing your finest book required a lot of work. We assist you with publishing it as a stunning book and sharing it with the world.

We help you publish your best book easily, manage it completely, and distribute it widely, providing an ideal self-publishing experience.

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Welcome To Horizon-Books

The company aims to make publishing accessible to all by leveraging technology.

Self-Publish Your Book

Publish your work through Horizon Books, and get it in front of readers. Through this supported self-publishing imprint, aspiring authors like you now have access to the services you need to reach your publishing goals.

When you self-publish with Horizon Books, you enjoy all these benefits:

  • Professional editing services will leave you feeling confident your book delivers an impeccably lucid story that your readers will find a pleasure to read

  • Availability of your book in e-book format

  • Support from a team of publishing professionals

  • Online distribution—your book will be listed in and sold through various book retailers on the Internet

Academic Research Publication Services

Horizon Books Academic publishing aims to develop the highest quality knowledge-based products and services for the academic, scientific, professional, research, and student communities. We specialize in publishing research journals, thesis, and conference proceedings covering a broad range of fields in numerous disciplines including science, engineering, management, education, technology, agriculture, health science, social sciences, biosciences, economics, language and literature, mathematics, and life science. At Horizon Research Publishing, we want to ensure that your publishing experience goes as smoothly as possible so that you can focus on what really counts.


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Publish your Print journal with Us

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The collection of books here is very good and useful for everyone and I want to appreciate the content of the book for my coursework.
Arun Nair
The collection of books here is very good and useful for everyone and I want to appreciate the content of the book for my coursework.
Shalini Gupta