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Discrete Mathematics


  • Author Name: Radha Saini
  • Categories: Mathematics
  • ISBN: 978-93-86369-42-0
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 97
  • Published Date: 22-AUG-2017
  • Publisher: Horizon Books
  • Size: 7x9

This book addresses a full spectrum of discrete mathematics concepts used in computer science. The book provides an introduction to the building blocks of discrete mathematics, including sets, relations, and presents the essentials of algebra; explains fundamentals of automata theory, matrices; reviews the history of logic, discussing propositional logic. Each of these concepts is presented in detail, since these concepts are basis of computer science and this book begins with a presentation of the rules of logic as used in mathematics where many examples of formal and informal proofs are given.

The focus of the book is on concept, the ―Why, ―What” and ―How ―of the operations. The authors recommend that these concepts should be introduced to Computer Science early in their course curriculum, so that they learn to use mathematical concepts to develop their skills.

To facilitate easy understanding, the texts and problems have been put in simpler form. Unnecessary details have been avoided as far as possible, but at the same time treatment of the subject has been made rigorous and up to date. This will certainly help to readers to understand the subject in better way.

The author, Radha Saini, is a well-qualified person with a keen interest in Computer Science and Information Technology field. She was awarded BCA from Aggarwal PG College, Faridabad, MCA from Advanced Institute of Technology and Management, Palwal and M Tech from Delhi College of Technology and Management. Her knowledge and understanding of the subject can be easily evaluated by the fact that she achieved the highly recognized Top University Rank from MDU, Rohtak during her MCA and M Tech studies. She actively participates in various national and international seminars and has presented her research there. She is presently working as an Assistant Professor at Pt J.L.N Government College, Faridabad. She showed deep interest in the area of Discrete Mathematics and eventually she decided to pen down her knowledge to make it beneficial for the students of Masters of Computer Science. The presentation and analogies are kept so simple that even the students with little or no prior knowledge will be able to get full benefit of this book.  The book is designed to cover the updated syllabus for Masters of Computer Science. This book will again be updated during the next edition in near future as and when required.

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