Renewable Energy Potential and Scenario in India


Author Name Ms. Aseem Sharma
Book Type E-Book
Categories Science & Technology
Language English
Pages 120
Published Date 01-AUG-2017
Size 7×9

Renewable energy is the field which is the future of Mankind. I realized this when I first read about it. And it’s a truth today and for generations to come.  I thought to compile and write few details about this topic, particularly about Renewable energy in India and I started writing this book so that all the details are available in the form of a book. With this, I believe, our new researchers and students in India would get the prerequisite knowledge- base and the understanding of the beginning of Renewable energy in India handy.

I am grateful to my Guide Dr. Kapil Mohan who gave his cooperation in writing about this topic.

I am indebted to Mrs. Yogesh Jadli who gave her unconditional moral support during the journey of publishing this book.

My father, Sh. Kailash Chander (Advocate), always said ―They Can Who Believe They Can, I am so grateful to him for his encouragements which made me what I am today. I thank my Mother, Mrs. Vimla (Ex-Head of a Govt. Institution), a mountain of support, cooperation and love who supports me in everything I wish to do.

I wish to thank my elder brother Mr. Ajay and sister Mrs. Alpna who love me no matter what.

And I would like to thank my husband and my little kid who are so keen to see my book.

My special thanks to all my well wishers and people who love me and care for me.

May God Bless All!



Author Name

Ms. Aseem Sharma


Science & Technology






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Ms. Aseem Sharma M.TECH PHD (p) is an experienced and learned academician with a will and determination to work in the field of Renewable Energy. She is a Coordinator of Department of Physics in a highly reputed University of India and is pursuing her Research in Renewable Energy with a goal to make Renewable Energy accessible to everyone in India. She believes in creating Moral Values and Sense of responsibility towards nation among her students. Her academic career started around 16 years ago and she has been wholeheartedly working in the field of education through all these years. Her motto is : NEVER STOP EVEN IF THE GOAL IS REACHED

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