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Stroke is the commonest and most severe neurological disorder, causing reduced functional level, decreased quality of life and even loss of life. Researches with inconsistent outcomes and several procedural restrictions have been directed to evaluate the effectiveness of supervised versus unsupervised therapeutic exercise training on lower limb muscle strength, balance, and functional performance among patients with ambulatory chronic stroke.

In industrialized countries, stroke is the most frequent cause of disability among adults. The death rate following stroke is set to decrease as a result of better care provision as soon as the problem occurs. It can therefore be expected that the number of people surviving with a disability following a stroke is liable to increase (Eng JJ. 2010). In addition, the incidence of stroke has increased dramatically among younger subjects, with over 20% of people affected being under the age of 65 (Patten C, Lexell J et. al 2004).


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Mr. Abdulkarim SAI-Humaid Presently working as Chief Physical Therapist (Clinical supervisor) with more than 24 years of experience in the field of Neurological Physiotherapy. He holds his Bachelor and Master’s Degree in physiotherapy in Neurology from King Saud University-Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His special interest inn Neurological and spinal cord injuries patients. The list of seminars and training he attended cannot be ignored. He also associated as one of teaching faculty member for Diploma program for physiotherapy at Health Studies. He published many articles in international Journals.

Mr. Nauwaf Ali Almushaiqeh is presently working as physiotherapist with PSMMC, Riyadh KSA. Also, he worked as staff PT in depart in PSMMC. He holds Bachelor degree (2017) in Physiotherapy from hail University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has 5 years of working experience and he as Assigning in Male Neuro and Stroke Unit of Physiotherapy. He is CDNP, CMC & ALMC certified.

Mr. Bandar abdulmuhsen alsada Presently working as Physiotherapist with 5 years of experience with Prince Sultan Military Medical City-Riyadh, KSA. He holds Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation from Majmmah University AL Majmmah, Saudi Arabia, (2015)

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