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Data Mining for Large Spatial Data Sets


  • Author Name: Regonda Nagaraju and Bhavani Buthukuri
  • Book Type: E-Book & Paperback
  • Categories: Computers & Internet
  • ISBN: 978-93-86369-88-88
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 205
  • Published Date: 01-SEP-2019
  • Publisher: Horizon Books
  • Size: 7 X 9

A hazardous growth of spatial data has been demanding to Spatial Data Mining (SDM) technology, developing as a creative area for spatial data analysis. Geographical Information System (GIS) contains heterogeneous data from multidisciplinary sources in various organizations. Geodatabase is the repository of GIS data, speaking to spatial attributes, as for location. Quickly expanding satellite imagery and geodatabases produces gigantic data volume related to real world and natural resources, for example, soil, water, temperature, vegetation, timberland spread and so on. Deriving information from geodatabases has gained value utilizing computational algorithms. Extraction of interesting knowledge from large spatial databases is a significant task in the advancement of spatial database systems. Spatial data mining is the part of data mining that manages spatial (location) data. Breaking down the colossal amount (normally terabytes) of spatial data got from large databases, for example, credit card installments, telephone calls, environmental records, evaluation socioeconomics and so forth is, be that as it may, a troublesome task. Visual data mining applies human visual perception to the exploration of large data sets. Showing data in an interactive, graphical structure regularly cultivates new bits of knowledge, empowering the formation and validation of new speculations to the end of better problem-tackling and gaining further domain knowledge.This book has given a detailed Insight ofData Mining Architecture, Information Theory, Data Compression, and Spatial Data Mining, formation of BITS-TREES in Data Structure, Algorithms, Data Stream Mining, Mining of Frequent Datasets and Large Datasets Mining.

Dr. Regonda Nagaraju received his Bachelor Degree (B. Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering in 2006, Master degree (M. Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering in 2011 and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering In 2018. He has More than 12 years of academic experience and currently working as an Associate Professor in Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad. He had published several articles in peer-reviewed, Scopus & SCI Indexed journals, and he is the author and editor of several books, member of ISTE, IAENG, ISOC, IRED, IFERP. kle Is a Reviewer of International journals & advisory role In IASET. And Executive Committee Member of Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERPI, Telangana Chapter .And he is Organized Several National & International Conferences, Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Numerous Workshops and Seminars. His research interest includes Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Machine learning, Computer Networks and Internet of Things.

Bhavani Buthukuri with 12 years of Teaching Experience, on 2019, is working as an Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Sal Tirumala NVR Engineering College, Narasaraopet. Received her Bachelor degree (B. Tech) in Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) in 2006, Master degree (M. Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering ICSE) In 2011 and Awarded Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in 2019. Ratified as Assistant Professor from JNTUX in 2015. She is a Reviewer of National and International journals. She published 13 Research papers In National and International Journals and presented In Conferences. She is Life member of the Professional Societies of ISTE, IAENG. Organized Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), numerous Workshops and Seminars. Recently she was appointed as NTA Representative to conduct NEET Exam in 2019. Area of Research Interests include Big Data, Data Warehousing and Mining, Data Base Management Systems, Data Structures. etc.

Author Name

Regonda Nagaraju and Bhavani Buthukuri

Book Type

E-Book & Paperback


Computers & Internet






Published Date




7 X 9