Thermoluminescence Study of Ceramic Tiles Materials

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Author Name Dr. Hitesh Mandavia
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Published Date 01-SEP-2015
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The basic requirement of human being is Roti, Kapada and Makan. Now a day ceramic tiles and ceramic ware are become basic requirement of people in the world. The people demand various types of high qualities ceramic tiles and other ceramic products are ever increasing. Also high demand of ceramic tiles and sanitary product in estate market in the world is increasing day by day. Ceramic tiles and other ceramic material are useful in Industries, scientific research, medical science, electronics components, space science, space yaan technology etc. Now a days ceramics materials useful in advance applications and demand of ceramics materials are increase in feature.

Morbi, Wankaner and Then are Western part of India situated in Rajkot District Gujarat. More than 600 units are manufacturing ceramic tiles and ceramic materials and other ceramic building materials of various qualities. Also 20 huge plants of ceramic tiles producing vitrify tiles. Now a day large demand of vitrify tiles in building construction. The above units producing large quantities of ceramic tiles and other products per day here. Per day turnover in Rs. 500 crore, so it’s big output oriented industries. The raw materials used to manufacturing ceramic tiles are mainly from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh mine and some material collect from other part of country and imported from Russia the following raw materials are used to produce ceramic tiles. (1)Quartz   (2) Feldspar   (3) Zircon    (4) Al2O3      (5) STPP    (6) China clay (7) Bikaner clay (8) opaque glass (9) Transparent glass (10) grog.(11) Talc (12) volsonite (13)Dolomite(14) Lime stone  Etc..

By studying various factors regarding ceramic industries I have decided to study basic raw material of ceramic tiles, for thermoluminescence. Because T.L. (Thermoluminescence) is very sensitive to any imperfection in impurity. That’s why TL is very useful tools in Quality Control in Ceramic tiles raw materials.

The present minerals under study were collected from Bhor ghats, Sangamaner, Nashik also from various ceramic processing industries Morbi. Rajkot district in Gujarat.

The present TL study of minerals is intended to suggest the quality of the raw material at input stage of the ceramic tiles industry.  TL dosimetry studies are done in case any accident like  nuclear fallout these  ceramic tiles fixed in the toilet, bathroom, and flooring, may be used to get  total radiation received from the accident day  to sample analyzed day.

I hope that this book entitled Thermoluminescence study of ceramic tiles materials   is helpful for students, researcher and ceramic industries.


Dr. Hitesh Mandavia

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Dr. Hitesh Mandavia born July 18 ,1968 at Rajkot Gujarat ,India is presently working as associate professor in department of Physics Maharaja shri Mahendrasinhji science college Morbi, Gujarat , India. Also he is  working as visiting professor  on Department of Physics Saurashtra university Rajkot He has around two decades of teaching and one decade research experience ,his research area is condense matter Physics  particularly in Thermoluminescence and ceramic tiles materials. He has published around 35 research papers in different national and international reputed journals, He obtained B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree from Saurashtra university Rajkot. He awarded as teacher fellow by UGC, New Delhi in 2009.He has also awarded for Best research paper award in International science congress association conference in 2012.He has been holding several   academic  position in Maharaja Shri Mahendrasinhji science college Morbi, Gujarat since around  last two decade.

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