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A Solution for Ordinary Differential Equation: Solving Techniques and Applications


  • Author Name: Dr. Aabid Mushtaq
  • Book Type: E-Book & Paperback
  • Categories: Mathematics
  • ISBN: 978-93-84044-79-4
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 308
  • Published Date: 01-JAN-2015
  • Publisher: Horizon Books
  • Size: 7.17 X 10.12 (B5)

The present book entitled “ A Solution for Ordinary Differential Equations- Solving Techniques and Applications”  has been written so as to cover the syllabi of mathematics of various semesters of all the branches of engineering and for under graduate and post graduate students of most of the universities in our country.

The presentation of the text in every chapter of the book is such that the students may follow it without any bodies help especially during the examination days.

Many difficult questions from books of various authors are such that the solutions are not available in any of those books. We have made it our aim to provide solutions of all such problems in the form of solved examples. The method of solution is simple and is assisted by diagrams wherever necessary.

The questions set in examination papers of various universities have been solved along with the reference of the year and the universities in which they were asked.

The contents in each chapter are self-contained, so various topics may be read independently in any desired order leaving other chapters not included in their syllabi.

Since it is the first edition of the book, occurrence of misprints/mistakes at some places is natural. They will be accepted with thanks and gratitude, when brought to our notice.


Dr. Aabid Mushtaq

There is nothing special to mention, yet I give my brief introduction. Born on 06.03.1987, my full name is Aabid Mushtaq, born in a middle class family, I did my M.Sc. mathematics from university of Kashmir in 2010 and presently I am perusing Ph.D. in Linear Differential Operators from JNU Jodhpur. After completing my M.Sc. I became a Lecturer of Mathematics at NIET Pulwama and after that I was selected for the post of Assistant Professor (Mathematics) at Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) Awantipoora Kashmir. During my career I served at various colleges and IIT/JEE institutions and taught B.TECH/BE and M.Sc. classes at Jaipur. Presently I am working as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Jaipur Engg. College & Research Centre (JECRC) Jaipur. During my Research Degree I published many National and International Papers in various reputed Journals.

Author Name

Dr. Aabid Mushtaq

Book Type

E-Book & Paperback








Published Date




7.17 X 10.12 (B5)


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